Olympia is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing ecological decorative painting

It was established in 1992 by Simeone Cirillo who decided to implement a project he pursued since 1960, when he began his first experience as painter in Swiss: he created
a durable decorative painting with a good quality, it is manufactured in correspondence with the Italian tradition.

The earliest paintings produced were these popular "Graffiato and Santex", developed in a small lab with just three workers. Soon, these products are distinguished by its excellent
quality and its durability. Since then, Olympia has continued to innovate its product range and constantly enrich it with new shades (colors) and aspects, and with reflections of
today and tomorrow’s trends (the current and the future’s trends), in order to make his knowledge accessible to everyone with many decorative effects like Stucco, Marmorino,
Travertino, Antica Era, etc.

Ten years after the start of production Massimiliano, Simeone’s youngest son, joined the project bringing freshness, rigor, innovation and promotes the internationalization of this
great brand that is building its road every day. Together, they won the challenge of transforming the small family business to be a great enterprise like Olympia has become now.

2011 highlights the creation of the export department Gianluca, one of Simeone’s five children, just graduated in Marketing in Spain, in turn, he joined the company. Thus, the
family is together around a common project ‘OLYMPIA Export’ each one is bringing professional and personnel values, experience and knowledge.

After the creation of the new department, OLYMPIA has become one of the most recognizable companies in a growing sector, and a reference (benchmark) for many fast-growing
countries, thanks to its involvement in several international projects.

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